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Sets of garments can be interchangeably dressy or casual with a sense of not wearing an outfit twice. Blue,Yellow & White Set 0-3 Mos  ..  6-9 Mos  ..  12-36 Mos Advertisements

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Be in style with a jacket  for those Cool Summer Months/ on a night out on the town. Blue, Yellow & White 0-3 Mos  .. 6-9 Mos  ..  12-36 Mos  ..  4-6 Yrs

Be In Style with Ponchos

For as long as I can remember, Ponchos have always been stylish for young children.  When ponchos became popular, it was a blending of the trendy light-weight jacket with the comfort of a… Continue reading

New Arrival- A Starters Kit

Many people are often faced with the dilemma of what to buy for a baby shower. A baby shower is a time to celebrate the approaching date of the child that is soon… Continue reading

Tuxedo Collection

I wanted this Collection to display star personality.  With attire having complete contrast, your little one can feel that he or she is apart of a grown-up crowd.  The details of each piece mimics… Continue reading

Granny Squares

Granny Squares are the best design to making any size blanket.   Whoever invented Granny Squares knew what they were doing.  You can make a blanket under 5hrs depending on the length and… Continue reading

Get Vested

Get your young one vested for an any occasion vest.    When you want your little one to play but still look causal on the night out on the town.   This is the… Continue reading

Baby Blues

Wear your “Demin” with pride! A collection has been born that I thought would never be worn in the world of crochet.  For boys: A hook closure “Demin” jacket is paired with “Demin”… Continue reading

Jump Into Spring!

This spring season why not dress you newborn or toddler in a crocheted jumper! Jumpers are versatile and super easy not only for dressing your young one but, they’re also very easy to… Continue reading

The Possibilities Are Endless!

D.Reid Designs displays the craftsmanship behind children’s clothing.  Each items is hand-made with care and attention to detail as well as comfort. What you will see is various takes on traditional techniques on… Continue reading