Scarf Check… Hat Check…. Ear muffs Check….  Yes its still cold!!!  and if you have little ones or even yourself would lose or forget to take one of the items I just mentioned.… Continue reading

#Fall #Winter #Style #Dresses

Crocheting have been a great venture for me. Exploring and creating new things I could never get tired of doing.  I have been getting alot of feedback on the dresses I’ve made.  I… Continue reading

Packing up #Summer Here Comes the #Cold BURRRR

As the summer comes to a close and we say hello to winter once again.  I decided to make a few items to welcome our old friend back.

Foot Loose #Crochet #Style

I am donating booties to a Cause for Battered Women and Children.  So I decided to make it a post.  By making all these booties it made me think of two names for… Continue reading

#Crocheted #Plaid

I have looked and researched for crocheted plaid.  I have not found one.  I even looked for patterns but, I have not found one.  So I have created a challenge for myself.  Why… Continue reading

My Little #Princess #Crocheted

As we look at our little girls we wonder how they would turn out as they get older.  Or we wonder what type of person they would become.  Others would want them to… Continue reading

#Babies Embracing their #Independence

Babies go through so much being cramped in the womb.  But when it’s time; they are breaking free.  As they get older you start to see they want to become Independent;  become they’re… Continue reading

#Crochet #Walking

It is clearly noted that the BABY wears the “Pants” in the family.  Who knew such a little person can be so demanding. Turquoise w/ Multi-Brown Trim 0-3 Mos  ..  6-9  Mos  ..… Continue reading

#Ready #Set #Go

As Babies start walking they think they can run anywhere.  Running with your baby is a work out… Put your baby in a jumper.  Jumpers are the go to item of clothing.  Shirt… Continue reading

#Bed #Pillows

Pillows are what make babies sleep more comfortably.  Sleeping on a pillow will give the experience of sleeping on a cloud I was told.   Giving that expression was just to let you… Continue reading