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Furry little ole me

I have been thinking about making something  new and pushing myself to a new limit. This project was inspired by my son and later put together for me in a dream. Yes it… Continue reading

#Butterfly Jacket

Preparing for the Fall/ Winter… Grey and white hooded long sleeve jacket is fully insulated to keep the fall winds out. Button closure and crocheted side pockets with a butterfly accent.

#Poncho Or #Cloak

I designed this poncho for a client and when I was done; it looked like at cloak.   When I first started. It was looking like all the other ponchos out there so… Continue reading

#Shawl #Off

As the summer starts to come to a close. Now its time to put on our cover-ups and SHAWL off our Fall Ware Pastel Color shawl with drawstring closure Pink shawl with butterfly… Continue reading

#Ruffle Your #Feathers

We always say someone is ruffling our feathers.   We need to ruffle our own and see where it takes us.   On this project here is where it took me.   Classy Ruffle: Slant… Continue reading

#3/4 #Length #Jacket

  Rose Pink and Multi-Color Browns This shows the versatility in the colors that you can wear and still make your child’s outfit pop with style.

#French #Tip

All white full length long sleeve jacket with pink accents.  Skirt, Mary-Jane booties and a Flower headband to match.  Spiked stitch half double crochet with a single crochet finish. Complete Outfit: 0-3 Mos… Continue reading

#Spring #Ware 2013

Crocheted Spring Ware 2013 Jacket & Skirt Outfit 0-3 Mos  ..  6-9 Mos  ..  12-36 Mos

#Crocheted #Plaid

I have looked and researched for crocheted plaid.  I have not found one.  I even looked for patterns but, I have not found one.  So I have created a challenge for myself.  Why… Continue reading

#Babies Embracing their #Independence

Babies go through so much being cramped in the womb.  But when it’s time; they are breaking free.  As they get older you start to see they want to become Independent;  become they’re… Continue reading