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Furry little ole me

I have been thinking about making something  new and pushing myself to a new limit. This project was inspired by my son and later put together for me in a dream. Yes it… Continue reading

#Crochet Your #Independence

This is the day when our nation sings. This is the day when the liberty bell rings. This is the day when we will all remember and we will celebrate our INDEPENDENCE. A… Continue reading

#Fall #Winter #Style #Dresses

Crocheting have been a great venture for me. Exploring and creating new things I could never get tired of doing.  I have been getting alot of feedback on the dresses I’ve made.  I… Continue reading

#Babies Embracing their #Independence

Babies go through so much being cramped in the womb.  But when it’s time; they are breaking free.  As they get older you start to see they want to become Independent;  become they’re… Continue reading

New Arrival- A Starters Kit

Many people are often faced with the dilemma of what to buy for a baby shower. A baby shower is a time to celebrate the approaching date of the child that is soon… Continue reading

Tuxedo Collection

I wanted this Collection to display star personality.  With attire having complete contrast, your little one can feel that he or she is apart of a grown-up crowd.  The details of each piece mimics… Continue reading

The Possibilities Are Endless!

D.Reid Designs displays the craftsmanship behind children’s clothing.  Each items is hand-made with care and attention to detail as well as comfort. What you will see is various takes on traditional techniques on… Continue reading