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#Crocheted #Plaid

I have looked and researched for crocheted plaid.  I have not found one.  I even looked for patterns but, I have not found one.  So I have created a challenge for myself.  Why… Continue reading

Tuxedo Collection

I wanted this Collection to display star personality.  With attire having complete contrast, your little one can feel that he or she is apart of a grown-up crowd.  The details of each piece mimics… Continue reading

Baby Blues

Wear your “Demin” with pride! A collection has been born that I thought would never be worn in the world of crochet.  For boys: A hook closure “Demin” jacket is paired with “Demin”… Continue reading

The Possibilities Are Endless!

D.Reid Designs displays the craftsmanship behind children’s clothing.  Each items is hand-made with care and attention to detail as well as comfort. What you will see is various takes on traditional techniques on… Continue reading