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Splash into Summer

Look of the day.  The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the chores are done. Time to go to my friends house who has a pool and relax.   Advertisements

New Projects to Come

I know I have not been posting for a while.   Thank you to all the followers who have been checking up on me through the various social site: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest,… Continue reading

To #Infinity

I like the original scarf, but when someone invented the Infinity scarf; thought about people who was tired of wrapping their scarves around like mom and grandma use to do it. Looking like… Continue reading

#Poncho Or #Cloak

I designed this poncho for a client and when I was done; it looked like at cloak.   When I first started. It was looking like all the other ponchos out there so… Continue reading

#Fall #Accessories

#Shawl #Off

As the summer starts to come to a close. Now its time to put on our cover-ups and SHAWL off our Fall Ware Pastel Color shawl with drawstring closure Pink shawl with butterfly… Continue reading

Back – to – School

Calling all Parents. School is back in session. White top with creme bottom dress. Accessories: bow-tie headband, Maryjane booties and a black belt with rime-stones. [Complete Outfit]

#Crochet Your #Independence

This is the day when our nation sings. This is the day when the liberty bell rings. This is the day when we will all remember and we will celebrate our INDEPENDENCE. A… Continue reading

#3/4 #Length #Jacket

  Rose Pink and Multi-Color Browns This shows the versatility in the colors that you can wear and still make your child’s outfit pop with style.

#French #Tip

All white full length long sleeve jacket with pink accents.  Skirt, Mary-Jane booties and a Flower headband to match.  Spiked stitch half double crochet with a single crochet finish. Complete Outfit: 0-3 Mos… Continue reading